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I finally got a hold of an EISA motherboard and I know next to nothing about EISA. I also have a Mach32 EISA video card but when I try to use it I get an error beep on POST and no video. I have tested a regular ISA video card and a VLB video card and both work without issue. Being new to EISA I know there is some sort of initialization of EISA card involved as well as a battery on the board to hold these settings. is it possible the card is fine but it needs to be initialized or the dead battery needs replaced for this card to work? There is also a switch box on the card so maybe it is not set correctly?

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I thought I remembered someone telling me once that because EISA slots are numberd and have their own address ranges that certain boards will only work in certain slots.. not sure if that was just the way that their particular system was configured and the inflexibility of the particular cards they had... but anyway, this seems to have the procedure for setting up a card... http://www.bitsavers.org/pdf/bcprServices/EISA_Chapter_4.pdf

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