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I have an old EPROM programmer, the software for it is dos based and the manual is saved in a .hlp file. I know that the help files in DOS are managed by HELP.COM. Anyone has an idea how to add hlp file to dos help database or how to load it with HELP.COM?



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.hlp was a quite generic filename extension, saying only that this file presumably contains some help text, but nothing about its actual format.
Maybe just look at it using Vernon Buerg's legendary LIST utility?

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Maybe it's a compiled help file for Windows?
*.hlp was the predecessor to *.chm..

I've seen DOS programs that originated from the Windows 3.1 heydays and included, *.ico, *.wri and *.hlp files.

WinHlp32.exe should be able to open both Windows 3.1 and Win95/NT help files.
For older help files, winhelp.exe from Windows 3.0 might be needed.

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anonyfous wrote on 2021-09-07, 11:20:

It is a dos help file, I was unable to open it with winhelp, but LIST.COM did the job! Thanks!

Good stuff. You may have been able to change the file extension from .hlp to .txt and open it in a Dos text editor as well.

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