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which can be downloaded here:

So far it only emulates the CPU, there is no proper way for it to handle port I/O. It halts and expects the user to handle that. To be honest I have no idea how to correctly emulate most (some keyboard and video stuff I could probably figure out) of the support chips. There is some information but it is rather technical. At the moment the program also halts on interrupt calls. Unless I find some suitable BIOS ROM there isn't any code to handle those. I tried an IBM 5150 rom image but it seems I would first need to find a way of implementing a few support chips. The one BIOS I tried was attempting several I/O calls. I found some info here: http://helppc.netcore2k.net/hardware/ports

The one bit of other emulated hardware present is a module that does MDA graphics. It appears to work well enough for now when I write stuff to the emulated video memory.

I see other users here have also made emulaters which I am going to look at.

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