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Hi all!

I use DosBOX on an aarch64 GNU/Linux system, the very well know Raspberry Pi 4 running a 64bit kernel and libs.

On built time, I see the arm64 recompiler is indeed being built.
However, two questions arise:

1) I take the generic recompiler is the only available in arm64 systems. Am I right on this?

2) I see no CPU usage differences bewteen using NORMAL CPU emulation or DYNAMIC.
I must say I use a "FIXED" CPU cycles number (10000 demand about 35% CPU usage in most situation on this machine, and is enough for the games I am interested in).
Maybe I am missing something here and DYNAMIC CPU emulation is only intended for AUTO/MAX CYCLES?
How are those parameters related with the NORMAL/DYNAMIC CPU emulation?
Shouldn't I see an evident and measurable difference in host system CPU usage when using the DYNAMIC CPU emulation on arm64?