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Just got an used Toshiba Satellite 3000 series laptop (exact model number unknown, possibly exclusive for my region) with the following specs:
Mobile Pentium III-M 1GHz CPU
NVIDIA GeForce 2 GO GPU with 16MB VRAM
14.1 inch LCD screen
Right after the installation of Windows 98 SE OS and the GPU drivers (already attempted multiple times, both the official version provided by Toshiba, s2855vid8.exe and two customized versions found here Toshiba 2805-s402 Ultimate retro gaming laptop, the laptop would preferably reboot into a much colorful desktop, it did, albeit in an incorrect resolution.
As in the image, the entire taskbar was gone, and only the upper edge of the Start Menu was shown.
No matter which resolution I've selected, the screen would simply refuse to run on its native 1024x768 resolution with the entire desktop streched perfectly on all edges.
This one is after I've fiddled some settings in NVIDIA TwinView properties, Centered output, 640x480 resolution. The large black edges would fit the characteristics of a 640x480 desktop in the center of 1400x1050 resolution.
The Display Properties in Windows 98 SE told me that I was using a TOSHIBA Internal panel with 1400x1050 native resolution, but it was proven wrong, as the laptop did not have the same sympton while under Windows XP SP3.
Replacing the monitor driver with other resolution seems to have no effect, but when I used the VGA port to output the video signal into another external monitor, there was no issue. This issue only appear on the internal screen, after I've installed the graphics driver under Windows 98 SE, the native resolution of 1024x768 was wrongly detected as 1400x1050 by the system, and replacing the monitor driver of any other resolutions would still produce the same result.

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