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Re: Doom 'MBF' for DOS, Maintenance release 2.04



• allegro.h replaced with the one built from MBF 2.0.4 souce package


• engine now picks up assets wad (normally COD.WAD) from engine EXE directory, then from current directory if it was unavailable
• engine now picks up levels wad (CODLEV.WAD) from engine EXE directory
• non-printable chars are now properly filtered out from savegames names and other text input fields in the menu
• starting the game from the first new level in pwad works differently now for Doom 1:
- episode selection menu is shown always for Doom 1
- there's a menu item on episode selection screen called Load Wad selecting which starts the game at first changed level
- in case vanilla Doom 1 is loaded (i.e. no new levels in pwads) this item takes player to e1m1
- for Doom 2 (aka commercial) there's no episode selection screen (i.e. same behavior as before)


• platform specific system startup routines replaced with those from MBF 2.0.4
below are details of what has been changed as a result
• graphical startup gone as a result although option for that remains in the menu
• tick to real time scale adjustment is still supported, but is not dynamic and required engine restart to be picked up
• video optimized assembly code replaced with that from MBF 2.0.4
• platform specific video mode and blitting code replaced with that from MBF 2.0.4
• VESA relared functions from MBF 2.0.4 have been incorporated
• video mode selection is gone, replaced with 3 options for controlling rendering and menus updated for that
- hi resolution mode
- page flipping enabled
- vertical trace is used
• benchmark option removed from menu as baselines for videomodes are gone with the modes (it did not seem to work anyway)
• incidentally platform specific keyboard and joystick code also replaced with one from MBF 2.0.4
• audio-device specific platform code and MUS to MIDI converter code replaced with those from MBF 2.0.4
• platform specific audio code interfacing Allegro lib replaced with that from MBF 2.0.4
• because of how sound setup works there, it is now longer possible to choose MIDI and digi card from the menu and control voice detection; instead setup.exe from MBF 2.0.4 package should be used, which creates setup.cfg that Allegro uses
• sound effects pre-caching at startup is no longer optional and happens always, so option to control it is gone from the menu
• connectivity related code has also been incorporated, however I have not really tested anything multiplayer
in addition to this

• "modern" MBF-style video mode and FPS counter overlay added (can't say I trust it very much though)
• in cases when engine believes that assets wad is called the same way as IWAD it detects (e.g. both called DOOM2.WAD) it will now be loaded only once
• restored graphical startup
• removed option to show disk in the menu as it's not something supported after MBF video code moved in
• engine will now persist smooth mouse turning option
• experimental changes to horizontal turning with mouse

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