dgVoodoo 2 for DirectX 11

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Dege wrote:
demon_firefox wrote:

Thanks for your fast reply!

While fast video access didn't fixed the ground textures, dgVoodoo2 v2.54 does indeed work correctly.
Is the current version (WIP 61) just bugged or was there an indented change from v2.54 to later versions that broke C&C Generals?

Ohh, then it's the good old AMD problem again...
Fast vidmem access won't help this. It'd be really nice to have a little app for the reproduction so I could submit that to AMD.

That would be great 😀 Can I provide any help with testing, log files or something else?

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I've just noticed that from 2.55 onwards (2.54 was fine; WIP61 has same issue) that V-Rally 1 is drawing distant tiles floating in the air, they then glide down into place. On 2.54 they seem to be clipped and not visible in the distance.

I should say this is the Glide version, at least.

My PC spec: Win10 64bit, i7-4970K (not overclocked), KFA2 GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER, Creative Soundblaster ZXr, 16GB RAM, Asus Z97-A motherboard, NZXT 410 case, ROG Swift GSYNC monitor

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I finished testing hundreds of demos and games with the new version, fixed some regression bugs and a minor DXBC code generating bug I encountered (NFS HP2).

dgVoodoo 2.6 is released. Of course there are many games which aren't in my test base so you may find regression bugs with them.
I'd like to fix (those and other known) bugs in subsequent patch versions.

BTW, I think this topic should be closed. It has grown way too long.

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Thanks, I forgot about checking the packages with virustotal. The non-dbg version had a really bad rate.
I reuploaded dgVoodoo2_6.zip with an uncompressed dgVoodooCpl, now much better.
To compress or not to compress, that's the question. Those **** AV's like it different each time. 😵

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Dgvoodoo2 DDRAW DLL's still doesn't work well with Wing Commander IV compared to Sol's DDhack fork.
As for Wing Commander II with the Windows Patch, 2.54 had Darker skies akin to the PS1 and old video boards, the newest version makes the sky DOS blue.