dgVoodoo 2.7.x and related WIP versions

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Maarcis12 wrote on 2020-08-16, 17:53:
Maarcis12 wrote on 2020-08-12, 22:21:
Dege wrote on 2020-08-12, 20:14:

I did a quick try with FIFA09 demo but everything worked as expected. Do I need the full version? Or some special in-game settings, or mod?

That's weird, i tried the demo myself, but it has the same issue as with the full version. Here are my settings below and the bug itself (although the final version has more options to choose):

I'm on another machine now and I can repro the issue. No difference between dgVoodoo and native d3d9. For the time being, I have no a clue why it is.

Ok, thanks for the answer. But will it be tackled in future?

if this hasn't been fixed, its likely due to cpu specific differences in the values returned by D3DXMatrixInverse when rcpss is used (SSE2) and the game doesn't check the results for invalid values.

try the mass effect patch by cookiemonsterpl

Everyone experiencing this in the last 5 years is using an AMD processor.

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Hi again,

I've just released a new version. I didn't have much time recently, and I saw new reported bugs/issues. Those aren't yet fixed (or even investigated or replied),
but I'll try to do my best and release a patch version for them later.

dgVoodoo 2.75

- Minor D3D incompatibility fixed (Corn N64 emulator)
- Adding dynamic type resolution 'Desktop' (see the appropriate section for details)
- Changing the implementation of D3D8/9 software cursor to be compatible with MS implementation
- A bug in the general hw cursor emulation is fixed (No One Lives Forever)
- Adding ARM64 builds of the 64 bit libraries and the CPL
- Fixing a bug in the shader code generator (Virtua Tennis 4)
- Minor DDraw compatibility fix (Alien vs Predator 2 corrupted health texture)
- DDraw optimizations for LithTech engine lightmap textures handling (Alien vs Predator 2, but it should affect other games as well)
- Improved GDI hooking to support the old MCI AVI player (Nocturne)
- DDraw/D3D compatibility fixes to support the old ramp device (Banzai Bug)
(As for the rendering, this game now runs fine with dgVoodoo in hw mode. However, still there is a problem, see this bug entry: https://github.com/dege-diosg/dgVoodoo2/issues/72 )
- Some performance optimizations in the D3D11/12 DX backends
- Fixing (refactoring) an old optimization for managed textures (Spirit of Speed 1937, missing textures)
- Fractional (rational) values for option GeneralExt\FPSLimit


(I didn't yet sumbit the zips to MS for malware analysis... I'll remove this message when I do and the detection is removed.)

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No, it's in the readme in the section describing dynamic resolutions. But don't expect big things, it only chooses the current desktop resolution without keeping the aspect ratio of the game resolution.
It's useful for games patched to widescreen, you don't have to select your desktop resolution explicitly in the config.