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Now it works under pure DOS FX and music, nice but honestly, this mobo has one ISA slot so I guess will be easier and more efficient to use it for DOS gaming but having choice is always nice. I hope HP Compaq T5700 (I forgot first letter xD) will work either with this amazing small app or SOLO-1. 😁

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javispedro1 wrote on 2022-02-27, 21:33:

Also it would be useful to be able to set volume levels _without_ reinitializing the AC97 part, which confuses viafmtsr.
I already made a small Watcom C tool to set the AC97 / SBPro mixer settings separately but I've just tested it on my T5710. May release it if there's interest.

Your tool to set the mixer settings in DOS would definitley be useful if you are able to release a version of it. Thank you!