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i have trouble getting jill of the jungle game running. i can start the game just fine with sound but when i'm about to enter the first level, it crashes to the dos prompt with this message:

Yikes! An error has occured. please report this code: 201-292072
The problem may be due to not enough free ram or disk space.

why does this game do this? other games runs just fine. here are my pc specs:

pentium 3 500 mhz
windows 98se
10 gb hard drive
384 mb ram
soundblaster 16 ISA card
nvidia tnt2 m64

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There is a patch made by NewRisingSun here that fixes most if not all the issues found on the later versions of the game. The posted YouTube video link mentions said patch.

You can find it here: Re: Jill of the Jungle Sound Effects

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The PC is fast enough to run DOSBox at ~3000 cycles, which is enough for 286/386 speeds.

Personally, though, I would consider installing a copy of Virtual PC v4 as a workaround.
If memory serves, the Windows version can run on Windows Me (+98SE), NT4, NT5.
Maybe some versions come with pre-installed IBM DOS, even.

But yes, running things directly is much more fun, of course.
Maybe the Jill1 can be run from a bootable floppy disk, even.

If a Gotek floppy emulator is installed, maybe 2,88MB floppy images can be used, as well?

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ante1234and wrote on 2021-09-18, 12:24:

i finally got it working.
i just had to remove a lot of games and programs that took too much place on the hard drive.
thanks for all your help.

Cleaning out the harddrive... That in itself is a very retro activity..!

I like to use TreeSize, used it since windows 98ish.