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i can use the VMDSound, just using 'dosdrv' command... then i can execute the game...
using DOOM game, seems that the VMDSound uses to much memory or CPU, how can i fix these problem?
when i open the door, on DOOM, the game get slow... what can advice me? do i need use another command\arguments?

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What you're doing "wrong" is you are using VDMSound to play Doom.

This one ->Use one of the bajillion Doom ports
Play original Doom in DOS
Play Doom in DOSBox

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robertmo wrote on 2021-10-06, 12:49:

386 @ 40MHz was too slow
use for example zdoom port with mouse looking up and down !

FYI, DOOM has an option to use low details for such slow computer (although it's not the optimal experience) and there is even FastDoom.

But yeah, a source port is indeed a better choice considering the computer the OP is using. For vanilla experience he should go for Chocolate Doom.

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