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Game runs fine, but there is some bug with loading saved games, probably some processor instruction ... Saving works fine, because i check saved games they are different, but when i press load nothing happens and i'm back to a moment i was (like i press cancel)

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I'm sure that's not a bug in game since i have also an old copy of that game i played years ago, wich worked fine on my old pc, and also like 2 years ago when i started windows in command prompt mode


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*** Link to copyrighted material deleted ***

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Just because a game is no longer supported does not mean that someone does not still own the copyright.

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That's how distributorship works. Sierra had the rights to the game in the West. That has since lapsed and now the original creators who initially developed the game Game Arts are it's true copyright owners. If they were to end up in court on opposing sides Game Arts could prove they were the initial developers and true owners of copyright using storyboards, animation frames, game level maps and so on - stuff that shows a history of the game development within Game Arts.