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MacintoshPi is a small project that allows running full-screen versions of Apple's Mac OS 7, Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 9 with sound, active Internet connection and modem emulation under Raspberry Pi. All this without the X.org manager, only a multimedia SDL2 library and from the CLI / Raspberry Pi OS Lite. This lets emulators use full power of Raspberry Pi, making them more stable and useful in combination with additional retro-software.

Installation requires running a single script "build_all.sh" on a clean Raspberry Pi OS Lite and waiting about two hours for the packages to compile and install.

In addition, thanks to a document contained in the project, it is possible in dual-boot to place the fastest (bare-metal) Commodore 64/128/PET emulator BMC64, thus building an interesting retro package on a single SD card. The entire MacintoshPi project runs on Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, 2, 3, 3B, 3B+ (at present, it does not run on version 4).

Below you will find a short clip showing what MacintoshPi can do:


For more information please visit MacintoshPi GitHub project page:


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That's really cool, kudos to you! 😎👍

I just wished that Pis would be would be more available in my country (Germany).
When I checked eBay last time, both the ancient Pi 1 (with the yellow Composite jack) and the current Pi 400 (keyboard model)
seem to affordable/available, but not so much Pi 2 and 3.
The Pi Zero is hit and miss, too, with the Zero W being more sought-after, of course. Pi 4 seems to be very expensive. Not sure about the Computing Modules.

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