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Reply 60 of 64, by VirtuaIceMan

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Basically use Application Compatibility Toolkit against the Motorhead EXE file, and use the flag NoGDIHWAcceleration (better than the one I was recommending before).

note: Not 100% sure that's what I do, I'd need to sit down and check it out at home, but time is limited!

My PC spec: Win10 64bit, i7-4970K (not overclocked), KFA2 GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER, Creative Soundblaster ZXr, 16GB RAM, Asus Z97-A motherboard, NZXT 410 case, ROG Swift GSYNC monitor

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Hi everybody, and sorry to answer to such an old thread,

I'm programming a universal NSIS installer for this game. It would detect the CD-ROM version (EU, US or OEM), install the files from it, plus the p3.0 patch and the p3.1 file, with some usefull wrappers too (dgvoodoo, A3D, IndirectSound...). I have a EU and a OEM CD in my possession, but no copy of the US CD-ROM. I'm looking for a way to get this CD-ROM, any idea ?

VirtuaIceMan wrote on 2015-01-19, 01:58:
Just got it running on Win8.1 64bit. Installer from CD was a bit of a pain, as all the .exe files need Win95 compatibility (mtes […]
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Just got it running on Win8.1 64bit. Installer from CD was a bit of a pain, as all the .exe files need Win95 compatibility (mtest.exe I think is the main culprit!). Once installed, then the version 3.0 patch proved painful (from http://mhtools.knoware.nl/files.htm), as it kept moaning about Win95 compatibility. Eventually I replaced the setup.exe with the updated 32bit InstallShield 5 one from http://www.reactos.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10988 and either that and/or Win95 compatibility eventually got the patch installed. Then I added the Nvidia HUD patched exe

Then the game worked fine, the only caveat is 2560x1440 on my screen wouldn't work, but at 1920x1080 the game is stretched, so it's better to run 1920x1440 for 4:3 correct aspect ratio. However in Direct3D (which looks best with the "Glenz" reflection effect), the framerate was limited to 30fps. So I used the ACT fix from http://www.blitzbasic.com/Community/post.php? … 77&post=1202630 and now it's gorgeous at 144fps!

p.s. no menu corruption for me on Nvidia 980, although I did get an error message when exiting the game, so I ran it once with Win95 compatibility, then exited, disabled compatibility back to normal and all was fine (maybe Windows remembers part of the compatibility settings, I'm not sure, seen it with other games too!).

That's my findings anyway.

Very interesting, but the link to the ACT fix doesn't work, do you still have it ?

Reply 62 of 64, by akula65

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The blitzbasic.com link:
https://web.archive.org/web/20140727172041/ht … 77&post=1202630

Looks like PCGamingWiki has the Win8 DirectDraw FPS fix in the URL above:
https://community.pcgamingwiki.com/files/file … -ddraw-fps-fix/

Reply 63 of 64, by Stiletto

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gcxd68 wrote on 2021-11-03, 13:54:

It asks for the original CD-ROM to install and play the game

Thank you for not making a obviously infringing "universal installer" (pirated game) like some people like to make. Here at VOGONS, those people tend to get their links deleted 😀

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Thread cleanup. People reading ancient posts out of context.
This is one of the reasons why we shouldn't co-opt other people's threads from long ago....
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