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I don't know what to do at this point to be honest.

I just want to play Gearhead Garage, but it does not run on Windows 10 64-bit, not even under compatibility settings.

I set up my own Windows 98 VM through VirtualBox and attempted to create a shared folder from my VM to my main OS so I can put the game files in and install/launch the game from my VM. However, I think my university Wi-Fi has a firewall which blocks me from doing so, because it does not seem to work.

I tried to install using a InstallShield 32-bit installer. That did not work.

I also tried using WineVDM, which I currently have installed on my laptop. Nope, does not work. I am always getting the error with something along the lines of "Setup requires a different version of Windows."

Can anyone lend a hand here, I really want to play this game! My Voodoo3 computer that I play these kind of games on is at my house.