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In a recent thread, I mentioned that I had a acquired an Apple Quadra. I also acquired a powermac system.

While I have these out, I want to play through the likes of Myst, Riven, Masterpiece Edition and Myst III.

The point is, I don't want to bother putting QuickTime on my windows machine, if a game needs QuickTime, I would rather run the game on Macintosh.

The only QuickTime/Windows game I can think is 1995's Dark Eye. If my memory is correct, it needs QuickTime on Windows.

So, does anyone know of any other Windows games that requires QuickTime?

I am not inquiring about games ported to Macintosh, which adopted QuickTime. For example, I believe that the 11th Hour uses whatever on DOS, but uses QuickTime for its Macintosh Port.

I believe that after Myst III, the Series switched to Bink.

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There's the You Don't Know Jack game, atleast the french edition has both Windows and Mac versions on the same disc, no idea about the other regional editions.
The X-Files adventure game also has both Win and Mac versions on the same set of discs.

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Capcom's Fox Hunt is a Windows game that requires QuickTIme, and there is no Mac version. The only other port is PS1. I assume you mean Windows-only games and not ones that also have Mac versions either standalone or on the same disc?

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I am inquiring about any Win 3.1/9x games that use QuickTime - PPC/Mac version, or not.

I think Quest for Glory V Dragonfire is another example. It used QuickTime for its FMVs. Sure enough, QGV was released on a hybrid CD.

I don't think too many of the Sierra games used QuickTime. Lighthouse Dark Being was a hybrid release, but I don't think that it used QuickTime in Windows.

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"Kama Sutra: Manara". I'm testing it on DOSBox... the requirements says it needs Windows 95, but it works fine in Windows 3.1 (I don't know if Win32s is required). It requires a 256 colour mode (no more, no less) to work.

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Some of them were usually considered not "games", but anyway...
Star Trek The Next Generation Interactive Technical Manual (playable in dosbox + Win3.1 + Quicktime for Windows 2.1.2 16-bit)
Star Trek Captain's Chair# (Needs Quicktime 2.1.2 32-bit)
(All following needs Quicktime 4)
Star Trek Starship Creator#
Star Trek Starship Creator Warp II*#
Star Trek Omnipedia**
Star Trek Encyclopedia**
Star Trek The Next Generation Companion**
Star Trek Deep Space Nine Companion**
Star Trek Hidden Evil#%

*Cannot be played in a VM, and only playable in Win7 and older Windows.
**Can be "played" in a VM, and only playable in English Windows OS.
#Only some quicktime files are required if you want to play in Win7/10.
%Needs dgvoodoo2 for glide 3D rendering.
btw, only Hidden Evil is published by Activision, others were published by Simon&Schuster Interactive (and there were Mac versions).

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Safecracker (the one from DreamCatcher Interactive released in 1997) uses QuickTime for the prerendered graphics and it still looks pretty good imho.
Amber: Journeys Beyond uses it too.

Both run on QuickTime version 2.1

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Here's my list. It's not complete.

9: The Last Resort
Amber: Journeys Beyond
The Arrival
Bioscopia (QuickTime 4.03 on the CD)
Black Dahlia
Byzantine: The Betrayal
Chaos: A Fantasy Adventure Game
Crusader: Conspiracy in the Kingdom of Jerusalem
The Crystal Skull
The Daedalus Encounter
The Day the World Broke
Drowned God
Entombed Enhanced
Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of the Monster
Hamlet: A Murder Mystery
Journeyman Project
Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time
Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time
The Last Express
Lightbringer (aka Cydonia)
Legend of Lotus Spring
The Martian Chronicles
Mummy: Tomb of the Pharaoh
Myst Masterpiece
Myst III: Exile -- I believe only the Mac version of the game used Quicktime for the game itself, while the PC version only included QuickTime to play the videos on the CD that was included with the Collector's Edition.
Puzz3D Volumes 1-5
Queensryche's Promised Land
Qin: Tomb of the Middle Kingdom
Riddle of the Sphinx
Sacred Mirror of Kofun
Safecracker (1997)
Secrets of the Luxor
Titanic: Adventure out of Time
Traitors Gate (used both QuickTime 2 and QuickTime 3 when first released)
Welcome to the Future

Prince of Persia 3D used QuickTime for movies. But I believe I was able to play it almost to the end without installing QuickTime. At the end there was a video that needed QuickTime.